Since the beginning of the Russian Federation's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, everyone has chosen a path that would bring their country closer to victory!
Today, we signed a memorandum of cooperation and partnership between the charitable foundation "Foundation of Goodness", the public organization "Dobro Hub", and our foundation "From Person to Person"!!
We all share the same values:
Do good deeds;
Help those in need;
Lots of ideas;
New projects;
Together, we are approaching victory.

A year ago, life in Ukraine came to a standstill due to the criminal attack by the aggressor country. This winter day, February 24, has been going on for a year, taking hundreds of thousands of lives of our compatriots, forcing millions to leave their homes, but it seems to have no end in sight. This day left even more people almost without means of livelihood in the de-occupied and front-line zones of our Motherland.



Start of Activity

That is why we, the "From Person to Person" Charitable Foundation, together with the self-organized volunteers of the Kyiv Sports Club "Hermes", have chosen to provide charitable and humanitarian aid to those who need it most. After recovering from the shock of the first days of the war, we began to take the first steps in this field, delivering fuel to the semi-surrounded Chernihiv, necessary for the functioning of local volunteer units, and evacuating people on the way back. After the retreat of the enemy from the north of Ukraine, our activities spread over almost the entire territory of Kyiv and Chernihiv regions.

On a regular basis, we ensured the delivery of food products, personal hygiene products, clothes and household items to settlements such as Ivankiv and the villages of the Ivankiv district, Sukachi, Rozvazhev, Gornostaypil, Shestovitsya, Desnyanka, Rovnopillia, Kolychevka, Makariv and the villages of the Makariv district, Andriivka, Nalyvaikivka, Lubyanka, Ozera, Zabuchchia, Gorenka, Bucha, Irpin, Borodyanka, Zagaltsi, Vorovsk, Lyubovychi, Ludvynovka, Zarudnya, Kalinove, Sloboda Kuharska, Zhereva, Gostomel, Klavdievo-Tarasovo, Novgorod-Siverskyi, Shepetivka, Berezivka, and Rivni, among many others. In the village of Vovchkiv, we helped restore the "Prolisok" children's hut, and in Teterivske, we repaired and rebuilt damaged buildings.



Expansion of Geography

After the relative normalization of the humanitarian situation in these regions, we expanded the geography of our activities, starting with trips to Kharkiv and Kharkiv Oblast, Bykiv, Dymytrivka, and later on to the south and east as the territories of Ukraine were liberated from the occupiers. Mykolaiv, Bashtanka, Kherson region, Chervonuy Mayak, Krypytsia, Monastyrske in the south. In particular, the "Point of Invincibility" was established in the city of Kherson, and we reached places such as Izyum, Lozova, Korovii Yar, Ridkodyb, Nove, Lyman, and Yampil in the east.



Medical Aid

Among other things, we pay great attention to the provision of necessary medicines and medical devices. That is why we established cooperation with the WHO (World Health Organization) to ensure the supply of medicines to the Izyumsk, Lymansk, and Novgorod-Siversk central district hospitals, as well as to the field hospitals of the Donetsk region.




Bakhmut remains the most challenging location for our activities. The city has the most difficult humanitarian situation among all the places we have been to this year. There has been no electricity, heating, or water for over a month, and all this is happening under constant artillery fire. Despite these difficulties, we have had productive cooperation with the local employees of the State Emergency Service. During our three business trips, we have already delivered over 10 tons of food, hygiene products, clothes for people of all ages, blankets, and warm items, autonomous power elements, flashlights, candles, etc. We have also provided the rescuers with necessary tools for their work, and their vehicles have been taken for repairs.




As a result of our activities during the war year, we have become members of the national health cluster of Ukraine from the WHO. We have also signed memorandums of cooperation and mutual assistance with the Donetsk Health Department , the Charitable Fund “Porych”, and the Charitable Fund “Green Roads of Ukraine”. Additionally, we have received a letter of permission for the restoration of damaged housing from the Ministry of Regional Development and Territory of Ukraine. We have had fruitful cooperation with the French foundation "URA - Ukrainian refugees assistance" and with the Foundation de France for the sake of our common goal! During each of our visits to settlements affected by enemy aggression, we have helped between 200 to 600 men, women, children, the disabled, and the elderly. According to rough estimates, we have currently provided assistance to about 15,000 people, which is like a small town!

Let's work together to help! ??


On February 17, 2023, we signed a memorandum with the charitable fund “Green Roads of Ukraine” .

The main call and goal of this fund is to preserve the future of Ukrainians because people's lives are the most valuable. We fully support and share the same goal.
Joint activities will help to expand the ways of providing humanitarian aid to the frontline and de-occupied zones!

This is an extremely important association to help Ukrainians. To achieve victory, we must work together.

??An important step has been taken to improve the efficiency of the funds.??
?We signed a Memorandum of Cooperation and Mutual Assistance with the charitable foundation “Porych.”

This will contribute to greater productivity in the preparation for humanitarian missions in the frontline and de-occupied zones. It is important for the development of the direction of reconstruction of civilian housing damaged as a result of military actions.
??Joining efforts is a key to development and a more rational solution to issues. We can only achieve victory together. ??


On Friday, 3 February , at 3 a.m., we left Kyiv for the east in three minibuses. If you use Google Maps, the best route will be through Kharkiv – Izyum – Slovyansk. However, in the twelfth month of the war, Google still doesn't take into account safe routes and roads that are close to the battlefield or frontline. Therefore, taking this into account, we went through the city of Dnipro.

Usually, we get to Bakhmut via the direct path Konstantinivka-Bakhmut, but at the moment, this road is being fired upon by the enemy, so we had to take a different route. We went through the outskirts, and military volunteers and volunteers from the city of Pryluka joined us in Konstantinivka. Thus, our convoy of vehicles increased by two more minibuses.




It is highly probable that it was the number of cars in one column that attracted the attention of the occupiers. About ten minutes after stopping at the first point of distribution of humanitarian aid, enemy artillery began to "work" on us. As noted by military volunteers who were more knowledgeable in this matter, they fired with an 82 caliber, which means that the enemy's positions were no more than 3 kilometers away from us.

These circumstances made it much more difficult to fulfill the task with which we arrived in Bakhmut. However, by dividing into several groups, we succeeded in everything that was planned.




Despite everything, we managed to deliver about 490 food kits (which included cereals, canned goods, oil, sugar, flour, pasta, tea, coffee, chocolate, candles), more than 50 sets of personal hygiene products, warm clothing, flashlights with batteries, and medicines to local residents. We also delivered over a ton of flour, about 300 bottles of sunflower oil, and self-powered lamps to the residents of Chasovoy Yar, which is located ten minutes from Bakhmut.

Thanks to the coordinated actions of all participants in this mission and prompt response to changes in the surrounding environment, none of the volunteers were injured, and the transport remained undamaged. However, it should be noted that the factor of great luck contributed to this.



We are very grateful to everyone who made this trip possible. Without your help, donations, provision of a material base, provision of vehicles, help in packaging food kits, and usual human support, we would not be able to do anything!



✅ Our foundation has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Donetsk Health Department, the Department of Health of the Regional State Administration of Donetsk Region. This is another step towards helping the population and better coordination in providing necessary medical humanitarian aid.

Great gratitude goes to the Head of the Department of Health of the Donetsk Regional State Administration.

?? Together, we discussed the needs for hospital reconstruction in Svyatogorsk.
?? We agreed to develop a joint project to restore it!
?? We also jointly planned to establish medical care in the Donetsk region.

A working meeting was held with the team of the WHO office in Ukraine led by the regional director of the WHO European office, Hans Kluge.

If you are willing and able to help, any contribution would be appreciated:
- we also collect food in any quantity!

Let's help together??